Inventions of the 21st century
Hardened plugs of KF-C is  
the best way to detain water before the final application.
Glassy - solid KALMATRON® KF-C patch stops leak  
immediately for as long as 
repaired structure exist.
Hand made "Hot Patch" from KALMATRON® KF-C stops a Hand made "Hot Patch" from KALMATRON® KF-C stops a pressured leak in 30 sec.
 "Welding of Concrete" with   KALMATRON® KF-C stops   
  any leaks and resurfaces  
  concrete defects.

   KALMATRON® KF-C is the fastest hardening plug compound for stopping pressured 
   leaks in the concrete, wooden, and masonry structures. KF-C plugs the leaks under 
   the pressures up to 19 Bar. 

   It is applicable in underwater conditions with the use of hardened KF-C plugs shown 
   below at left and by gunite after. 

                                     PREPARATION AND APPLICATION

   1. Add one part of water to four parts of KF-C by the volumes and mix for no longer   
       than 30 seconds. Some heat will be released.

   2. Mix only as much product as can be used up in 20 minutes. Usually it is  
       approximately at 500 gr or 1 Lb.

   3. Don't add any more water into the KF-C dough. Keep mixing. 

   4. First make 6-9 balls, cylinders, or plugs within 5 minutes of preparing the mix.

   5. The diameter of each plug depends on the size of the void. Usually it's about at 1/2" 
       to 1" or at 12 to 25 mm.

   6. While the plug is still hot and soft, press it into the leaking void. If necessary, apply  
      several plugs one by one with pressure. Begin pressing from the area where the 
      pressure of the leak is lowest. 

   7. If concrete around repaired area is crambled or cracked, apply thin layer of KF-B  
       around KF-C patch to prevent water mitigation to that area. 

 KALMATRON® KF-C stopped multiple leakages through the wall of water tank where mitigating pipes were used, i.e. all leakages were controlled and sealed at the same time. The standard gunite machine was used for KF-C application. by the Concrete Welding Technique. Despite on the pressures at 14 bar no one seepage is observed.  
Leaked dent welded by  
KALMATRON® KF-C spray gave stable water mitigation   just after application.

  Multiple leakages on the wall stopped by air streamed KF-C
  of welding technique resulted in a dried wall.

  Leaking crack into the dent of the wall stopped and filled up by the air  
  streamed with KF-C powder by Welding technique.
  It is an actual example of irreparable defect.

  Winery Cave room after repair of numerous leakages by KALMATRON® KF-C    and relining by PLASTCRETE resulted in mitigation of underground water         resulted in mitigation of underground water onto the floor in a few onto the floor in a few resulted in mitigation of underground water  hours after application.