KALMATRON® KF-B is a powder after mixing with water works as a remedial coating on the old, aged, or deteriorated concrete and masonry structures in a damp environments. By definition, KALMATRON® KF-B
 is a protective composition that penetrates into concrete structure on the depth of its degradation. 
U.S.A. Patent 5,728,428
The sequence of self-healing (starting at a top) of concrete defects by osmotic diffusion of KF-B electrolytes' solutions. 
First air tank of sewer station was repaired by KF-B in 1993 without repair of concrete in a future. Metal pipes and sprinklers were changed 4 times! 
Inventions of the 21-st Century

   1. KALMATRON® KF-B is the only known product that works in sewage, acid, and petroleum  
        environments as a remedial coating without chemical cleaning of to be coated concrete surface.  
    3. Application of KF-B doesn't require preliminary surface cleaning by acids which is a great advantage. 
    4. Strewing dry KF-B powder onto seeping type of leaks stops it immediately. 
    5. Standard cylinder coated with a 3 mm layer of KF-B increases in compressive strength up to 2 times  
        after 28 days.
   6. Two concrete prisms glued together with KF-B cannot be broken apart at their seam.  
    8. As a result of KF-B penetration into the concrete structure, its liquid impermeability is intact even if 
        KF-B coat is broken.

 The layer of KF-B at 3 mm
 thick has been removed 
 from the top of the concrete  

  Visual area of KF-B   
  penetration has darker  
  color of compacted  
  concrete surface  
  without voids and soft  
  cement/lime residues.

  The depth of KF-B pene- 
  tration into the concrete is
  thicker then the layer by
  almost 10 times.

After intensive testing of KALMATRON KF-B as a coating on trial sample 2 and comparing with control 3 submerged into 25% of Sulfuric Acid, the product approved for massive application for building and repair of sewer structures, chemical and agricultural facilities.  
U.S.A. Patent 5,728,428
28 mm