• The Kalmatron® concept was discovered by Dr. Alex V. Rusinoff in 1982, resulting in the theory about 

    different mechanisms of cement grain decay-hydration, which gave rise to numerous technologies for repair 

    and building of new structures with highest performance of durability. First production began in 1992. 

 •  Experimental approval of the Kalmatron® theory “Rusinoff’s Osmotic Oscillator” was published by the

    Dundee University, Scotland, in 1990. Patents and trademarks of Kalmatron®, K100®, and Krete100®  

   are registered  in the USA and internationally. Specifications of the products are provided and published 

    by the U.S.A. official specifier ARCAT.

•  Kalmatron® Corporation is the manufacturer and supplier of its products for the building industry on the 

   world market by appointed agencies and companies.                

Inventions of the 21-st Century
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  CONCRETE ADMIXTURE provides stable features of High Performance Concrete by:   - 8 ½ Lbs/CY or 5Kg/m3 into conventional concrete mix,
  - 12 Lbs/CY or 7.5Kg/m3 into pre-cast concrete mix
  - 17 Lbs/CY or 10Kg/m3 into the plaster, gunite, and shotcrete mixes
  PROTECTIVE & REMEDIAL COMPOUND for coating of concrete/masonry  
 structures in a damp environment with penetration into protected material up to 6”  
 or 150 mm for restoration of liquid/gas impermeability. Applies by brash, trowel or spray.
 PLUG + WELD is a patching material stops pressured leaks immediately. Very   
 effective for internal patching of micro cracks and quick stabilization of anchors.
  ADMIXTURE TO CEMENT for preparation of injections to provide reactivity with  
  structure /soil containing minerals. Premixed as 2 1/2 Kg  with 100 Kg of cement 
  or 1 Lb/94 Lbs, KF-D allows injecting on a whole depth of crumbled soil.
  COLORED ADMIXTURE, COATING & HARDENER for concrete and plaster mixes.
  VERSATILE PROTECTIVE COAT provides impermeability and resistance to corrosion 
  of concrete and masonry structures. High compressive and abrasion resistance. 
  Apply by spray/brush at 0.5 mm to 2mm thick by 3Kg/m2.
  CONCRETE REHABILITATION SPRAY for renovation of concrete rheology by closing 
  of shrinkage cracks, restoration of strength & impermeability by spray of 0.35 Kg of 
  KF-G dissolved with 1 Liter of water per 1 m2 of surface
  ANTI DECAY SHIELDING MATERIAL for coating of timber, masonry & concrete 
  structures to prevent microbiological decay. Applicable by brush, spray or 
  trowel at 2.0 Kg/m2.
 THERMAL RESISTANT COATING & ADMIX inorganic, non asbestos compound 
 designed for insulation and protection building structures and equipment from
 thermal thresholds, acoustic impedances, and primordial ionic environments. 
ADMIXTURE TO CONVENTIONAL CEMENT to upgrade it initial setting time at 3 min, 5 min, and 
10 min in a ratio of: -   20 Kg of KF-Jet 3 per 1 m. ton of cement;
                                          -   15 Kg of KF-Jet 5 per 1 m. ton of cement;
                                          -   10 Kg of KF-Jet 10 per 1 m. ton of cement.
  ADMIXTURE TO ROAD PATCHING CONCRETE designed for fast patching of rocky & 
  concrete roads and floors by of 6 Kg/m3 or 10 Lbs/CY of KF-K to conventional 
  concrete mix to increase viscosity and adhesion. Ready for traffic in 1 ½ to 4 hours.
CLASS UPGRADING CEMENT ADMIXTURE for activation of unhydrated cement grains by premix of 1 Lb of KC per 94 Lbs of cement or 10Kg of KC per 1m.ton of cement. Increases SS up to 3 times. Ordinary Cement with KC is applicable as a micro cement.
К100® is a liquid version of KALMATRON® KF-A applicable by 2 Liters/m3 or 0.41 GL/CY.
CONCRETE DENSITY UPGRADING ADMIXTURE provides highest density of the cement rock of fine grouts for concrete repair by coating with thicknesses from 8 mm to 35 mm or from 1/3” to 1 ¼”.
ADDITIVE FOR CONCRETE MIX containing up to 50% of incinerated industrial waste such as fly ash, slag ash, volcano sand or crumbled materials. 
RADIATION SHIELDING COATING & ADMIX for X-ray attenuation and conservation of concrete, masonry and Earth made structures.
  concrete mixes containing unwashed sea sand and gravel.
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  FINE PALSTER MIX DESIGNS with performances of impermeability to any industrial  
  liquids, gases and resistance to ionic environment.
  GROUT MIX DESIGNS for relining of aged or/and damaged concrete trafficable surfaces 
  for restoration its abrasion resistance and impermeability by the layers from 8 mm thick,  
 Plastic bags for powdered products professionally designed to be water repellent and  
 non slippery. Liquid products supplied in the standard 5 GL buckets and  264 GL of IBC.     
Research and Production Division

Additional Information
LIQUID VERSION OF KALMATRON®  KF-ASH is applicable by the volumetric ratios as 1 GL/CY (5 OZ/CF) or 5 Liter/m3.
A 50 pound bag of Kalmatron KF-A - one of our standard packages. We also ship in buckets, individual plastic canisters and IBC's/
We ship within the USA and world-wide from our South San Francisco plant - please contact us for more information. Bulk order discounts are applied.

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