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U.S.A. Patent 5,728,208
Rusinoff's Osmotic Oscillator to study self-destructive nature of cements meta-stable phases. 
3-D stations for the measure- ments of osmotic tensions into the concrete specimens.
Stations for evaluation of concrete aging and corrosion resistance.

      Famous "Creamy Effect" with lowed slump and high workability of concrete mix with KALMATRON® KF-A. At left is the yield of plaster mix and at
      right is the yield of a concrete mix for flat works with the same slump by 2.56" or 6.50 [cm] shown in the center. 
      Both of mixes are pumpable without clogs, highly adhesive without sliding and shrinkage cracks.
KALMATRON® KF-A is a powder admixture to concrete mixes. KF-A provides extension of the cement gel surface by decay-hydration of the cement grains from 100 µm to 10 µm during the first 20 minutes. This increases  cementitious value and volume of the cement rock

Completed cement hydration by KF-A makes it possible to completely replace  SILICA FUME  and  MICROCEMENTS at a fraction of the cost. 

Raising the standards, we consider the concrete as a matter of hydration with conformity closer to isotropic features where KF-A is a cost‐effective example of transformation of conventional concrete mix to the High Performance Concrete. 

For instance, concrete or mortar made with KF-A has no shrinkage cracksimpermeable to any liquids and don't require water mitigation or isolation membranes.

KF-A acts in four ways after added into the concrete batch:

1. As a Water Reducer during mixing and pumping;

2. As a Plasticizer during transportation and placement;  

3. As a Shrinkage controlling and Curing Compound during setting time;

4. As a Strength gainer and impermeability performing agent during hardening time;  

5. As a rebar corrosion inhibitor during batching.

KF-A is safe for use with drinking water and food containing structures. 

    1. Highest volume of cement hydration completes concrete formation without curing. No curing is required.   

    2. Exothermic heat is lower at 30% to 50%.  There are no shrinkage cracks and slab’s curling. No fibers are required. 

    3. Yield of mixed batch is higher by 8% to 14% of cement gel. No water reducer or plasticizer required.   

    4. Water impermeability of plaster at ¾” thick and 2” of concrete thick is 100% respectively.  No membrane is required. 

    5. Early strengthening at 1st to 3d days at 25%. No strength gainers and excessive rebar arming is required. 

    6. Highest resistance to chemical and environmental corrosions due to complete hydration of cement.

    7. Corrosion Inhibition meeting the requirements of ASTM C1582, which is added to concrete during the batching.            It chemically inhibits the corrosive action of chlorides on reinforcing steel and prestressed strands in concrete. 

    8.Therefore, KF-A upgrades a regular concrete batch to High Performance Concrete.

 Concrete must be free of cracks, impermeable, and durable without excuses. This is the KALMATRON® CONCRETE with the cost of conventional one.
    Concrete Flow of the mix with KALMATRON® KF-A at left and Concrete  
    Flow of any other known concrete explains higher workability. 
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