Inventions of the 21st century

KALMATRON® KF-H are both primer or finishing cementitious paint and patching

 material for protection of wooden structures.  The 1.5 mm thick layer of KF-H provides a 

durable coat with highest resistance to atmospheric and biological damage. 

KF-H is applicable by brush or trowel in dry and damp environments.

Provides rock solid abrasion resistance, liquid impermeability, and freeze-thaw 

resistance. KF-H waterproofs both the negative and positive sides of surfaces.


KALMATRON® KF-H is recommended for repair of rotten and damaged masonry 

structures in harsh industrial environments. 

KF-H can be used on rotten and crumbled wood and plywood in damp conditions.   

Effective for web-cracked ceilings, columns and beams without preliminary patching.

Provides passivation of exposed nails, bolts, and anchors from rusting.

Preparation on the job site is as simple as mixing of KF-H the with tap water in the ratio 

of 4 to 1 by volumes.
Magnified detail of the rotten wooden beam.
Resurfacing of masonry wall and rotten wooden beam by KF-H with appropriate decorative techniques. 
  KALMATRON® KF-H is the most economical protective finishing and patching material. 
  Preparation is minimal and the application process is simple.  
  Highly adhesive to contaminated structures.  

  Well known as a coating for rusted anchors. 
  The best for preservation of abandoned masonry and wooden structures. 
  Ideal for the retail market and for housing and city maintenance needs.
Walls of Plywood relined by KALMATRON KF-H