Inventions of the 21st century
The texture and coloration of the KF-F layer applied 
to a damaged concrete structure by painting roll. 
KALMATRON® KF-F layer applied to a clinker kiln foundation with a surface temperature of 185F or 85C.  
KALMATRON® KF-F layer applied on the rocky wall of a light house repaired with KF-SEA concrete. 
KF-F was also prepared by using only sea water.    
   Light-gray to ivory colored coarse powder; after being mixed with water, it becomes a light yellow solid, viscous 
   and highly sticky to any surface of structure.

   KALMATRON® KF-F is the strongest protective coating for old and/ or deteriorated concrete and masonry    
   structures. Provides superficial density with highest resistance to chemical and environmental corrosions. 
   KF-F is liquid-impermeable and is the best available coating against abrasion,  vapor and liquid transmission, 
   and freeze-thaw cycles. Applicable in dry, hot, cold and damp environments by brush or spray.   

   Add four parts of KF-F to one part of water in a volume ratio and mix for 5 minutes by electric drill-mixer.

   Wash the surface to clear off any removable foreign materials. The surface of trafficable floors should be soaked    
   with the KALMATRON® KF-G  or well steamed and washed with acid-water solution.

   Apply the KF-F mixture using a spray gun for plastering jobs or with a brush onto the wet surface of concrete by
   a layer from 1 mm to 2 mm. 

    It is a necessity for very dry conditions only: hose down with water after 12 hours. 
   KALMATRON® KF-F is the only sprayable product that works in the sewer, acidic,    alkali, and  petroleum environments as a continuous coating. Recommended for  
   building new and renovating of old heavy traffic floors. Very effective for    
   renovation of cracked concrete structures.

 Technical Data
   Apparent density in dust                            1.5 +/- 0.1 g/cm3 
   Performance in front of fire                       MO (no combustible) 
Kneaded Product 
   Water for kneading                                     16+/- 1% 
   Temperature for kneading                         + 5º C a +35º C 
   Life of the mixture                                       40-50 minutes 
   Minimal and maximal thickness                 1.0 to 3.5 mm 
   Apparent density                                          2 +/- 0.1 g/cm3 
   Adherence over concrete (28 days)          1 N/mm2 
   Drying time                                                    45 min a 1.5 hour
   Consumption                                                1.2 Kg/m2 or 1/4 LB/SF     

Relined aged stucco by KF-F on apartment building is impermeable to the water and absolutely resistant to the micro biological contaminations.
  The texture and coloration of the KF-F layer 
   applied to aged stuccoed wall by the mortar gun. 

Isolation of the canals on nuclear plant by spray of KALMATRON® KF-F layer resulted in a solid glassy surface without post hardening defects.  

    - Provides passivating of exposed rebar from rusting.

    - Stops vapor transmission right after application.

    - The best for preservation of abandoned structures.

    - Dry KF-F powder sprayed by mortar gun stops leaks, 
      seepage, and resurfaces damp building structures.

     - The most economical for relining of metal and ceramic 
       pipes per square unit of inner walls.  

Relined corroded concrete of the canals by KF-F 
is stable to the attacks of hot neurons by its glassy and thin layer with Coefficient of Linear Expansion equal to the underneath concrete.