Packages of KALMATRON® Products
Specially designed  plastic bags without puncturing and seams are proofed for environ-mental handling such as a storage, transportation and dispensing of powdered KALMATRON® products with loading weights depending on they bulk density by:

- 50 Lbs or 22.7 Kg 
- 55 Lbs or 25 Kg 
- 100 Lbs or 45.5 Kg.

Thick plastic film is at 0.5 mm and sealable valve
allows to provide sea freight without containers, storage under the sheds only, tossing and dropping in a water for a short time.

Textured surfaces of the bag are preventing from its sliding from unwrapped loads.   
Standard Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) are in use for storage and transportation of liquid admixture to concrete K100®.

Wide loading neck allows to provide agitation of K100® before dispensing through the standard valve.

Loading weight is 2,280 Lbs or 1037 Kg.

Loading volume is 264 Gallons or 1000 Liters.     
Standard 5 Gallons buckets are in use for storage and transportation of some powdered KALMATRON products (at left) and liquid admixture to concrete K100.    
Packages of KALMATRON® Products
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