We are opened for proposals of Kalmatron® distribution based on the franchise concepts as follows. 

•  Sub-manufacturing of KALMATRON® products from its chemical concentrates.

•  Sale of Licenses for production of KALMATRON® products without owning of the trademark.

•  Sale of technologies for independent product(s) production with owning of the trade mark.

We provide warrantees of our products performances and Mix designs of the Concrete as a part of the 

service to the licensed company. Therefore, do not hesitate with your proposal to be a licensed partner.

Please, fill up your information below.
Research and development of new protective building materials is our priority in the field of concrete 

structural durability. We will provide your project with specified products or licensed technologies.

Numerous improvements of Kalmatron® products and conceptual inventions continue as a response on 

everyday industry needs. We provide consulting service and engineering design in the fields of repair, 

restoration, conditions of emergency and new constructions.

We will keep your company updated about new developments and enhancements to stay on a level 

of industry request.  
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